PES Conveyor Bed Sections

Our conveyor bed is constructed of high grade stainless steel for durability and strength.  The modular design allows for conveyor systems to be extended or retracted with ease.  The taller than average side wall leaves plenty of available space to mount any necessary  components to the conveyor bed.  The unique side track system mounts to the conveyor bed using pre-drilled holes, making adding rail brackets and additional components seamless.  Conveyor leg mounts positions are provided every 12", so changing the position of conveyor legs is also very quick and simple.

Conveyor Bed Section      (Available Lengths 1' , 2' , 3' , 4' , 5' , 8')

  • 304 Stainless steel "U" channel design
  • Raised conveyor track with UHMW "C" channel ware strip
  • Internal chain return track
  • Flush hardware throughout system
  • Pre-drilled holes for side track system (12" increments)
  • Pre-drilled holes for conveyor legs (12" increments)
  • 4.5" wide conveyor track

*Custom Lengths available upon request

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